Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm going to start a new, hopefully regular, post label called LustList for all the things I'm lusting over lately. I know I have Shoe Watch which I don't get to post about as much (is it weird that I haven't seen any shoes lately that take my fancy?) but this is for everything else!

Anyway, I saw this Saint Laurent mini chain Y-Ligne pochette which has their signature Y clasp and I loooove the look of how practical it is. To be honest in the past I haven't loved their signature Y bags (not a big fan of the chyc cabas for some reason) but this pochette is amazing and even better than the standard clutch.

It comes in three colours and I love them all - I would of course get it in black but the inside looks so practical, plus add to that the detachable chain. Love. Plus the pink is beatiful!

At A$1420 on Saks, the price is steep, though I know it is probably much cheaper in Euros.


  1. I like the shape and agree that it would be very practicle, but I really don't like the chain... it's a little... 80s?

  2. The chain is gonna kill my shoulder. :(

  3. I love these bags and the leather is very durable and beautiful. I prefer these bags over the Y clutches as well. More pockets and the chain makes it an actually handbag so your hands are free.

    The 80's chain is cool!!