Monday, April 8, 2013

China Doll

China Doll always gets good reviews and so it seemed high time that I visited for myself to work out if it lived up to the hype. One part of its appeal is obviously its beautiful location on the Woolloomooloo finger wharfs and the day we went was a quintessentially beautiful Sydney day, warm weather, sun all round and no rain or wind. Love <3

These were the vegetarian dumplings - wrap them in the lettuce and dip! They were really fresh and fab actually. Anything with a good dipping sauce is a win in my books.

Drinks - always an important accompaniment to a meal! That's my passionfruit summer inspired mocktail which was delish - tasted like a frosty fruit actually. Yum yum!

We ordered the duck pancakes which were good, but not amazing. I don't think anything beats peking duck pancakes for me (especially when done properly, which is actually quite hard to find).

This dish was actually really awesome - flavourful sashimi on a hot summers day is one of my favourites.

And the view from the pub across the road. After lunch we went across the road to lap up the gorgeous summer weather which was sure to only last a few more weeks - so this is the view of the finger wharf. The hummer in the pic just dropped off a large group of girls (who seemed to be on a hens night adventure) all beautifully dressed in black with red feather boas. They actually looked fabulously coordinated!

So my verdict? It was a great day out with the food being tasty, service being good and the atmosphere obviously topping that off. While not wanting to say its 'overpriced' because its not ridiculously priced, asian is always one of those cuisines where you can get such great quality food for reasonable prices. So I suppose my point is, China Doll is good but not the most amazing asian food around given the price. Definitely somewhere I would return for an occasion like girls long lunch or something similar!

P.S These photos were all taken on my NEX - the kit lens isn't great for macro food pics but I'm learning quickly some tricks around it ;) Still not good enough for my liking but I've got some new lenses on the way to maybe help rectify to come soon!

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  1. I've only ever been to China Doll for a hens lunch (which was great) and have been meaning to go back, you've just reminded me. Mmmm sashimi!