Saturday, April 20, 2013

Easter Show 2013

I really need to get better at posting about things as and when they happen right? But I get so busy doing cool fun things about the place that I don't get time to post. Catch 22, right there.

Anyway, a few weeks back I went to the Easter Show for the first time in 10 odd years which is crazy, I know. It was a fun day out! I mean it was hot, beautiful weather (perhaps a little too hot in the sun all day) and there is a lot of walking but that's because we wanted to see and do a lot of things.

We just had to stop by the CWA ladies and their scones. I love a good scone - it has to be one of my favourite baked goods not just because they're easy to make but because they're so hearty. And these did not disappoint!

One of my favourite sections is the cake decorating and arts. I'm sure most people had the same huh? reaction to this one.

And this was just so cute. I think any 1 year old would love this cake!

Now for a more random turn of events - the CBA stand was promoting Kaching and encouraging people to download the app so that they could spin a wheel and potentially win a prize. If you don't know about Kaching, its an app where you can easily transfer money from your CBA account just with a few clicks on your mobile phone. The friends I went to the show with actually regularly pay me back for things using Kaching so it was a very successful day out when we all won a iCarte phone case. Now I no longer use an iPhone 4, but I got the case for my mum :)

And now for some random pics - there was a parade on as I was walking to the food pavilion and there was someone dressed up as an emu. It was a 28 degree day! Poor thing.

And then in the seafood area there was someone dressed up as a prawn. The kids loved her!

We also went to see the animals but I was too busy oohing and ah-ing over their cuteness to get a good photo.

Did you go to the Easter Show this year?

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  1. I'm not as dilligent with my posts as I'd like to be too.

    Love that KFC cake. Is that a cake? That's insane.