Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vacation countdown

I'm heading to Bali today so you won't hear much from me over the next few days! Never fear, I'm only gone for 5 days and I may have scheduled some posts in the meantime ;)

I'm excited to just be getting away from life in Sydney for a bit and really taking time out to RELAX! I haven't done that in the longest time!

If you have any Bali tips send them my way, I'll be checking my blog most probably :)

I spent the last few days trying to pack and got to the realisation I should just be packing swimwear and floaty dresses. Priorities, right?

Here's my swimwear rotation:

So blogosphere, I'll catch you all on the other side of my holiday!

Oh and one more thing - HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American friends. Times like these make me miss the US =(


  1. Where are you going in Bali?

    One of the best restaurants I went to in Seminyak was Mama San - delicious. Sarong is owned by the same people and is also meant to be amazing but we couldn't get in - book in advance !

    1. Oh what time of year did you visit? It's quite quiet at the moment so hopefully i might try daring tomorrow with some luck!

    2. June don't think it was peak season but was busy-ish. Enjoy.

      Potato head is fun for some cocktails by the pool. I personally don't like Ku De Ta but it's quite popular.

  2. OMG so jealous. Bali is a great place! Enjoy!!

  3. I'm jealous too! have fun in Bali!