Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sony NEX-6!

I've been a little naughty recently with the technology purchases, with my new toy arriving this week - a Sony NEX-6!

Even though I already bought a new camera earlier this year (plus an iPad and upgraded my iPhone), my justification for this expensive purchase was that I was able to get a very good staff discount deal from one of my very generous friends. Who could say no, right?
This camera only just got released as well so I was pretty stoked.

I've only played with it a bit and I already love love love it! As much as I would love a DSLR purely for photographic quality, the size factor has always stopped me because I just know I'll never carry it around. This is a great compromise as not only is it still fairly small, it is also very lightweight! There are a few things about it that annoy me - namely the kit lens isn't great for macro and some of the functions aren't as user friendly as my other Canon cameras, but the pure responsiveness, shutter speed and photo quality (with its APS-C sensor) cannot be beaten.

I'm excited to take it on my upcoming holiday to see how it fares!

Meanwhile, my camera collection has grown ridiculously so I am officially on a technology spending ban! Four of five of these cameras are mine (the 5th is my sisters) and I have now handed on the S95 to her because I do not need 4 cameras! So if I even blog about contemplating purchasing something new, please stop me!


  1. Hi, I hope you will continue to take amazing photos with your new camera. I've just started reading your blog and it is fantastic! I've read so many fashion and lifestyle blogs since I started my own last month and yours is one blog I actually enjoy reading:) Keep up the excellent posts!

    Erina x

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to hear you enjoy reading it :) I stopped by your blog and its fabulous!

  2. good buy! I lugged my DSLR around with me on my Europe trip and including all the lens I wished I had brought a smaller camera with me.

    Looking forward to see some happy snaps!