Monday, March 5, 2012

Life in Photos: February 2012

How quickly has time flown this year already? It's March and I've barely been able to blog because I've been so busy but here is a quick Life in Photos for February!

 Yummy steak from Gordon Biersch - it had a pretty delicious Japanese teriyaki inspired sauce.

I went walking around during the weekend where there was this street busker playing Mozart with his water glasses. He was amazing! He was so skilled in quickly moving around the different glasses and playing chords as well!

I officially love Pinkberry. So it's probably not all that healthy for you but considering it is frozen yoghurt but doesn't taste like it, it won me over completely! I don't really like the taste of yoghurt otherwise, but this chocolate and mango flavoured combo with strawberries and nuts was amazing!

At the Museum of Natural History they have the largest diamond ever found - the Hope Diamond. It is exquisite not only as a black diamond but in terms of its beauty across the 4 C's, though in real life it feels quite small!

Last weekend I also visited the Library of Congress which has the most amazing architecture. Look at the pics below!

Photos aren't allowed of the actual library area but even just the foyers and staircases leading there are so beautiful. I can imagine it as the perfect wedding location - not even New York Public Library (aka where Carrie and Big got 'married' in SATC movie) is as beautiful and that's saying a lot since I love it there!

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