Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holiday dreaming-no-more!

So in just a few weeks I'll be visiting San Francisco and New York City to visit some really good friends and I am beyond excited! I have been to both places before but there are just so many things to do and see that I"ll always keep myself occupied. Plus I'm looking forward to some rest after a few months of hard work (it's the first time I'll have off since getting here).

Anyway, I've been watching Million Dollar Listing New York which is all about fabulous NYC real estate and it's helping to get me more excited!

There are some amazing properties there (anyone fancy a $15 million loft overlooking Central Park? yes, please!) but this one made me think quintessential New Yorker! This lady is a socialite who has clothing and shoes everywhere! Over 800 pairs of designer shoes, Chanel boucle jackets she's never worn and bags galore! Look how packed it is =o

And it is fingerprint security operated...

But then here is an amazing Soho loft... a girl can dream!

What are your favourite places to see, eat at, visit in San Fran and NYC? :)

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