Monday, March 26, 2012

J Crew shipping to Australia!

So I know this has been announced for almost a week now but I am so excited about J Crew shipping to Australia now! I have loved being able to pop into the store in person here in the US - in fact there aren't many stores around but one happens to be just 15 minutes drive away from me!

I just love everything about their new Spring collection which just dropped in stores - the cute jelly flats, the awesome pastel colours, amazing 50s inspired skirts, just so much beautiful stock!

Here are some cute pics from the website:

I especially love the two skirt outfits - the fuchsia is awesome! I'm sad I can't see the jelly flats online but I suspect they may be sold out already (things in chain stores here sell out literally in days!)

It really is about time Australia gets included by more online shops!

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