Monday, January 30, 2012

Picasso Exhibition: Sydney

Before I left Sydney, I visited the Picasso exhibition at Sydney's Art Gallery of New South Wales. I'm lucky enough to get great deals through work so of course I spent a beautiful day wandering around the exhibition and enjoying the beautiful Summer weather.

The exhibition is fabulous - it's really quite expansive for an International collection - and it is a great retrospective of Picasso's life and the different phases of his artwork.

Anyway, you can't take photos inside, but one thing you can take home with you is this awesome creative home craft project:

All the images can be punched out easily and you can try your hand at something arty and structural using the inspiration from the artwork. My sister and I had a little competition to see what we could come up with - this was mine.

It was really fun being able to put all the pieces together and see all the different things you could come  up with, and especially see how differently my sister's turned out!

If you get the chance, you just must visit the exhibition! It's running until 25 March 2012 :)

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