Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A visit to Costco!

Costco has been open in Sydney for some time now, but seeing as I don't live close I only recently visited for the first time with a friend who failed to tell me for ages that he had membership!

Anyway, it was quite an experience. I'm glad I had lots of time because between eating our giant pizza...

(Yes, that's right, we were one of those fools buying the giant 18 inch pizza for $16)

...and walking through all the countless aisles of mass produced bulk buy items, we practically spent a whole afternoon there, and that's considering I'm a fast shopper and actually bypassed lots of areas where I couldn't be bothered looking in detail.

In general, I think there are definitely things that are cheap there, but you have to be wary of simply buying anything and everything because the bulk buy aspect can often mean you just end up being wasteful in terms of spending and never using the items you buy.

Here's some of the cool things we did buy:

Gyoza frozen and then just steamed - a pack of 40 cost under $10 which isn't spectacularly cheap but these had full prawns (quite sizeable too!) and were uber tasty. Such a great 'lazy' dinner and relatively healthy!

Frozen raspberries - I think it is a 2kg bag for $5 or something? I can't quite remember but they are really great to have handy for summer desserts such as this mini pavlova below. I usually make my own meringues but I've been so busy that Coles brand mini-pavlovas had to do. I whipped some cream and added some vanilla essence and topped with the frozen raspberries and fresh fruit and voila! The juice from the frozen raspberries makes an awesome instant raspberry coulis too! This is actually my sister's pavlova piled up...I ate mine before remembering to take a pic.

Our giant pizza...

So all in all a fun afternoon - but definitely not helpful if you're trying to be good and eat in moderation! 

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  1. yum those prawn gyoza look delish!! ive never been to costco.. dont think i could, i think it'd freak me out and i'd buy everything and binge. haha yummmmmmmmmmmm xx