Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ms G's

I know I'm in the US now, but I've still got a backlog of Sydney things I wanted to post about! Before I left, I took a visit to Ms Gs in Sydney's Potts Point (well really, Kings Cross, but to be fancy everyone likes to say Potts Point). I had been meaning to go and try it for a while, though knew I had to be prepared for Asian food at slightly high price points.

The food definitely doesn't disappoint, however is pricy considering you can get similar traditional Vietnamese fare for half the price. The point of difference is definitely the more fusion flavours and the awesome cocktails and cool setting.
The menu
Bubble tea encasing for a cocktail!
Not to mention, the food and menu is very reminiscent of New York's Momofuku. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my meal and am quite a fan of what Dan Hong has done in being able to add a cool hangout restaurant to the Sydney mix, but this is definitely one of those places you go only once in a while. Here are a whole lot of pics!
A seafood fresh summer noodle salad of sorts
The famous 'banh mi'
 These did taste really good, but at $6 a pop, definitely not cheap! And weren't amazing for that price either. You can get a whole pork bun from a Vietnamese restaurant for that price!

Egg noodles
Oops forgot to take a photo earlier - remnants of the steak tartare. This was awesome! But I love steak tartares if they're done well. This had a spiciness with asian flavours like fish sauce cutting through.

And onto desserts!
This is the famous 'Stoners delight 2.0' deconstructed doughnut. It looks interesting in the picture, right? But to be honest, the hodge podge plating matches the weird flavours not quite working for my tastebuds. Some may like it, but not for me.

And the pandan chiffon cake dessert - as seen on Masterchef! I was reluctant to get this, after all its just pandan chiffon cake, something you can buy in bulk at an asian grocer but this was perfection. Light, fluffy, at the perfect slightly warmed temperature with amazing coconut sorbet on top and sago to go with it. I couldn't fault it!

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