Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow in the US!

So yesterday night was the first proper snow since I've arrived in the US and it is just picture perfect! Seeing all the trees topped with a light white covering is just so beautiful....though I am learning quickly the perils of the snow.

I avoided driving because I was scared of the icy-ness, but instead I had to suffer through slippery hard to walk on footpaths and let's just say I'm majorly missing my Burberry gumboots which are happily sitting in my wardrobe back home in Australia!

Anyway I thought I would share some photos:

These are taken on my phone at night so apologies for the quality! It was still snowing when I took the second picture :)

Meanwhile, I totally heart Whole Foods, so despite the icy snowy mess outside I hauled myself out of bed to do some groceries. Australia needs Whole Foods!

Environmentally friendly bags, of course!
I love these dark chocolate Almonds that I buy by weight - they're amazing and great value!

Of course I'm drawn to the cake section - I wanted to try all of them, but I settled on just one...

A mini chocolate cheesecake. Perfectly bite-sized, it definitely is rich despite being deceivingly small! And it was only $2 :)


  1. I lived in the US for 16 months and LOVED Whole Foods!! Although a little pricey, it was the only place I could get fresh bread that wasn't sickly sugary! The closest they have here is Thomas Dux, which is a chain inspired by Whole Foods and owned by Woolworths - hopefully there's one near where you live when you get back home!

  2. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by my blog! How terrible is their bread? But you're right, Whole Foods bread is definitely 10 times better though I still miss fluffy Australian bread!

    There sure is a Thomas Dux near me back home - it's just missing Haagen Dazs ice cream and other American snacks! ;)