Saturday, October 29, 2011

Derby Day 2011

I had a quick squiz of the Derby Day photos from today and just had to post about it. Derby Day is always one of my favourites to watch because I love the black and white tradition associated with it. People say it's boring and you know how everyone doesn't like to be confined, but I think the best judge of style is when someone can still look unique in a sea of monochrome black and white.

Anyway. I'll get off my soap box (yes, inappropriate Race wear is one of my pet peeves). I can't wait to see more pics but so far I'm so disappointed in Dita Von Teese. She looked stunningly manicured, but she wasn't in black and white! Blasphemy, I say! I started to think perhaps it's a Lavazza sponsorship thing...but I don't think so.

I mean her outfit would have been perfect for Cup day or really any other day of the Spring Carnival...but not Derby!

Jen Hawkins
And a few other celeb pics, because I love a bit of celeb spotting. Jen Hawkins looked a bit boring, but still I like the outfit. White based outfits are my favourite, but I think she could have made it look a little more unique given she had everything on offer at Myer! When I was in Melbourne Myer I saw some lovely millinery appropriate for Derby Day...

J Alexander
Alexandra Richards
And for some Internationals - really loved Alexandra Richard's headpiece - it looks like a Philip Treacy creation to me but I can't be sure. I like how demure her outfit is too! I think many a race goer can learn a little something from her style!

And J Alexander - kudos for an awesomely flamboyant piece of millinery. Love!

And for some Fashions on the Field judgement....without having seen the full line up of contestants I can't pass too much comment but once again I'm disappointed with the judge's choice for winner. Every few years they get it really wrong (in my opinion) on Derby Day, awarding the prize to someone who steps a little too far from the tradition of Derby Day. I think the winner's outfit this year is a little...blah? Like it's just missing a little something - you know some perfectly matched gloves perhaps? Anyway that's just my opinion, she still looks great but not to my taste.
FOTF Winner - Jess Coad
3rd Place Winner
As for the third place winner - I'm liking the red accent (a little typical, but pulled off well) but I'm not really sure what's going on with her shoes? But I like the effort she went to!

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  1. that girl who won FOTF's outfit is so BORING. sorry to say but wtf.. its definitely missing something. i like that girl with the polkadots in the background!

  2. I totally agree Krissy - definitely on the boring side. I also thought the polka dot outfit in the background was simple but still cute. But it seems like polka dots were everywhere...

  3. It might be the photo, but it looks like Hawko is wearing black knickers!