Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kirribilli Markets

My sister and I are having a market stall at Kirribilli Markets on Saturday to try and clear space in our wardrobe and we've been busily preparing for it! With Summer around the corner, a wardrobe spring clean seemed in order especially if you remember my posts a few months back of my overflowing shoe situation.

I've tried my hand at selling on other Ebay like sites but being so busy means I don't have the time to keep listings up to date, send out parcels and deal with customer enquiries. I know if I sold on Ebay I might get a little more for some items, but we're willing to cut our losses and go for the mass clear out.

The thing is, it's really hard to get rid of things without getting a little sentimental. Items from years gone past that I used to love wearing that now don't seem so age appropriate, or the casual clothes I would wear in abundance in my uni days. So I thought I'd blog and ask, what are your wardrobe clearing tips?
Sydney's famous icon serves as a backdrop for the Markets
If you're a Sydney sider, come check out the markets on Saturday 22nd October - they run from 7am (!) to the early afternoon. We're praying the forecasted rain will stay away until the night time so we have beautiful weather for it, but I'm hoping for a good selling day! We have hoardes of near new or unworn Australian Designer clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and make-up. 

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