Sunday, October 9, 2011

#6 Burberry for Winter

Apologies for my hiatus of late and for my lack of shopping updates! But rest assured there will be many in the next few weeks seeing as I've made the most of NAP's free shipping and ordered 4 things. My last order is yet to even be dispatched (it's been more than 24 hours so I'm starting to worry) but my other orders have literally arrived within a few days which is amazing given the distance.

Anyway enough ramble, as I already hinted to the other day, I ordered some Burberry goodies as my next Shoe Subscription order.

I've been wanting a classic Burberry beige trench and always intended to order one with my prize money, but the one I want is £800, and that's the short one. For less moolah I could get a beautiful Burberry wool and cashmere trench which is probably more practical as a winter coat so I went down that route. I couldn't for the life of me decide so I ended up ordering two woo!

Apologies for the photo intensive post...

Both boxes arrived on the same day which was a little embarrassing when I had to collect it from my lovely neighbour who signs for all my packages. Oh and I thought I would take a quick close up pic of the shoes I wore to that wedding last week while I was at it <3 (The satin is getting dirty and scuffed but they still look glam)
Oooh what's this? A beautiful NAP garment bag!
So the first one I ordered was a beautifully soft cashmere and wool trench in black. I love that the fabric is so light yet heavy enough to keep you warm. I have a few winter coats which, while warm, weigh a tonne and really aren't fun to carry around when you enter a heated room. 
Because of the boxy trench style, it was a little bit big, but I thought that was probably a good thing so I could fit more layers underneath. I love that it's literally like a trench, with all the belt detailing, beautiful buttons and sleeve cuffs.
Back of the trench coat
I ended up returning this one because it wasn't quite as unique as I had hoped, but...
I also ordered another Burberry wool coat from the Burberry Brit diffusion line (see photo above!). This one was a little bit more expensive, but totally worth it because it's got extra detailing such as the large collared lapel which can be worn up around the neck for warmth. This one isn't as soft or light as the one before because it's a wool and polyamide mix but it feels so lush and the fit is perfect.
Even the view from the back shows how fitted it is with all the panelling. The belt is quite casual, but it adds a nice touch to it too.
And underneath the collar is a funky zip pocket! Don't you just love the buttons too?

So do you think I made the right choice? I'm still eyeing off another coat (a red one this time!) but I'm waiting out to see whether more new stock comes in! 

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  1. I'm loving the second coat! Makes me wish we were in autumn, not spring!