Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I'm a little behind with blogging about this, but it's been a busy week! I was originally going to spend Friday night at home watching the nuptials, but ended up having dinner with some friends. Fortunately, our dessert place had the big screen poised on the correct channel so we ate our sweet treats while critiquing the event of the century.

My first thoughts: I was generally underwhelmed, but I did love going home and watching back the arrival of all the guests and seeing the wonderful display of millinery and some of the fantastic outifts. I think that was the most exciting part of it.
I won't comment too much on the dress, because let's face it, everyone has been passing their two cents. Love love love McQueen, but I didn't get the reaction I thought I would to the dress as I thought it was elegant, but very safe (which is fair enough given the huge pressure of being a Royal bride and the necessity to be conservative). Though the dress really shouldn't be associated with McQueen so much as Sarah Burton.

Anyway, on to the things that excited me most about the wedding. Seeing all the wonderful hats! I feel for poor Beatrice and Eugenie who are used to getting a lot of slack for what they wear, especially at the wedding. I agree on all points that Eugenie's Vivienne Westwood dress was ill-fitting and perhaps not the best choice for someone who had thousands of options avialable to her, but I thought Beatrice looked fantastic (in Valentino Couture).
Princess Eugenie and Beatrice
Of course what I love is that both wore Philip Treacy millinery. I didn't personally love Eugenie's (too much going on) but it was still a stunning piece in it's own right, but Beatrice's structural neutral toned masterpiece was wickedly creative. I understand why people didn't like it - perhaps too fashion forward for a wedding like that - but it was stunning. Big thumbs up from me.

And of course, who didn't love Victoria Beckham's ensemble (topped off again with wonderful Treacy). Even Becks himself looked fabulous in Ralph Lauren (love love love it!)

On the topic of millinery, like many other fashion critics I also loved Miriam Gonzalez Durántez turban style headpiece. It was a daring and difficult look to pull off, but she had the dark features, red lips and poise to make it look fresh and absolutely fantastic. I wish I could wear the look as well as she did!

I would've done more of a shoe related 'critique' but besides noting the huge number of Louboutins in action (yay!), I didn't see any fabulous shoes which made me go wow. It does make sense though, given everyone mostly went for demure and elegant so block colour pumps were the big pick of the day.

Finally, a few more shots of other Royal family attendees. I couldn't help but post this shot of Queen Rania. She looks graceful with a fun pop of colour but still wearing her beautiful blue sash (I love when the European Royals wear all their medallians, ornaments and sashes).
Queen Rania
Another of my favourites, Zara Phillips was unfortunately looking a bit dowdy (in my opinion), but I think it was more to do with the heavy weight of what looked like a duchess satin and the high neckline.
Now if my favourite Royal, Charlotte Casiraghi, had attended the wedding I would've been even more excited to see what beautiful creation she would be wearing but alas she was keeping a low profile as she likes to do and so I haven't seen any accounts of her attending.

Oh well, for now life goes back to normal but every girl will once again start daydreaming of the day they might one-day meet their Prince Charming.

Images thanks to Getty and Zimbio


  1. Amazing hats and outfits, but not a lot of shoes? And yet this blog is called a shoe affair!

  2. *SGCB* Sorry I didn't post more about shoes, I try to make my blog about a whole lot of different things I'm interested in - shoes just happened to be the catalyst to start this blogging journey :)

    Keep an eye out for more shoe posts soon!