Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life in Photos: April

I'm enjoying what I like to call a 'me' weekend, which pretty much involves chillaxing and enjoying staying at home. It's great for these colder winter months too! Unfortunately I've also had to do some study and typically the brightest most beautiful weather has arrived this weekend which makes it really hard to study. In my procrastination though, I've been looking at the many photos on my iPhone all the other random photos I take all the time. It kind of reminds me of how hectic April was!

I can't remember when this arrived - I think sometime in April. The complimentary magazine full of beautiful beautiful pictures.

Brunch at Cafe ish - yummy congee and soft shell crab omelette (I love soft shell crab!)

All you can eat ribs at Tony Roma - I seriously fail at this, I couldn't even finish my one plate!

I finally made it to Zara last week! It was nice to see it open, though I unfortunately didn't see anything I wanted to buy. Plus I'm saving for my holiday so I have money to spend in Zara/H&M etc in the US. I walked past again at lunch time on another day and this was the stupid line.

Paella at Miro tapas - this was for 2 and we still struggled to eat it amongst 4 (though we did order some other tapas as well). How colourful and awesome does it look? It tasted just as good too!

Is it weird that I love staying at home on a Saturday night and rewatch The Hills while blogging?

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