Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kobe Jones, King Street Wharf

I love Japanese food and you just can't get past great Japanese with a twist. I'd only ever eaten the set menu at Kobe Jones but recently I went for a 'quiet-night' dinner where we just felt like eating good food and not being rushed out the door. As always, the view over King Street Wharf is fabulous at Kobe Jones and the service and food matched were top-notch.

Of course we ordered the Number 1 special sushi which was full of flavour and quite a big serving.
Number 1 special
We also ordered the Green Tea Salmon special which was cooked to perfection - not too overcooked, but not too undercooked - and had a smoky flavour which complemented well with the creamy sauce. Plus the wasabi mash - to die for. I love me a good mash, but this was seriously amazing. I <3 wasabi! We ordered some other dishes too but I unfortunately was starving hungry so didn't snap a photo before we started devouring it!

And what's a meal without dessert - we chose the Anko, a green tea creme brulee with red beans!

Yum yum yum. Makes me think it's about time I make some again...the last time I made creme brulee at home was for New Years Eve! A friend cooked dinner and I brought dessert (I mean when else do I have an occasion to use my blow torch?)
My homemade Creme Brulee

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