Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kazbah, Balmain

I enjoyed a lovely brunch with the girls on Saturday at Kazbah at Balmain. They also have other locations around Sydney (including Darling Harbour), but the Balmain restaurant has a lovely airy, community feel that suited a laid back girly catch-up.

On the website, they describe the cuisine as "Taste of Arabia" and from what I saw on Saturday, the food is a tasty mix of Middle Eastern and Turkish flavours. The service was great, and the food spectacularly presented and tasted just as good as it looked. Everytime a dish was brought to the tables around us, we were in awe of how beautiful it looked and wished we could order it all!

We didn't quite have enough people to get the banquet meals (that's what we have on the list to try for next time!) but we shared a few of the tagines (one vegetarian, one lamb), a chickpea mezze dish and a breakfast Banana porridge. I was too busy gossiping to really notice exactly what we ordered (we shared and it all sounded good so were happy to eat whatever), but I took some quick snaps anyhow!

Banana porridge with sweet sides - yum!

Lamb tagine - this was fabulous!

Vegetarian Tagine (looks similar to the lamb!) and the beautiful serving plates
Fortunately, the sun decided to show itself after our long lunch so we took a leisurely walk down Darling Street to walk off the food feast and visited Zumbo afterwards! Nothing all too exciting this time, but with all my dessert eating I need to get back to my dance classes!

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