Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello, NAP!

A quick post to say hello to those visiting from NAP's facebook page. I never actually thought they would link the blog, as they just asked me for photos of what I'd bought. So of course for ease, I just linked them here and was surprised to see it pop up on facebook tonight! So thanks to everyone for visiting - hope you enjoy joining me on my journey.

For those who think they would ever be lucky enough to win a competition like this - sometimes luck comes when you least expect it! I never win anything, in fact, I'd had a turn of bad luck for a few months and when the email came through I actually didn't see it for a full week and didn't even believe it at first. I also thought that it was just one pair of shoes and was excitedly thinking of the one pair I would choose and cherish. See, I usually make one or two big purchases each year and then hold onto them for years (I'm still wearing shoes I bought as a teenager, many years ago!) so to be given the opportunity to splurge a bit, get some shoes I'd always wanted but could never justify buying and make my very first NAP order was quite literally a dream come true.

So hopefully I can pass some of my good luck onto you all and share some of my excitement with you :)


  1. You lucky thing!! You must be so happy to add to your awesome CL collection :)

    xx T

  2. Lucky you! :) I would love to win a competition like this. I think it's every girl's dream!
    You have a nice growing collection of shoes, those Louboutins are amazing!
    Maybe you should think of adding some Brian Atwood pairs to your collection. He has great designs too!

  3. Call me M - I definitely swoon at Brian Atwood's now and then, they're always lots of fun! I will keep an eye out for some ;) P.S Cute little blog you have there!

    Le Fanciulle - I didn't have too many pairs of Louboutins to start with, so being able to add my all-time favourites that I'd wanted for ages was definitely great :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog through NAP's facebook, but now you are fuelling my CL obsession!

    I NEED the nude 85mm Simples for work...they would go with everything. I'm sure I can justify the purchase based on the fact I'd wear them all the time! x

  5. Manda - the nude 85mm are so practical for work in terms of the height! I'm yet to wear mine to work but I bought them for the same reason you want to, so I'm sure you won't regret it.