Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Christian Louboutin David Delfin

So my sister referred me to the NAP competition, and her reward was a pair of shoes of her choosing. There was quite a bit of deliberation, as many of the shoes she wanted were sold out, so being the resident Louboutin obsessee she chose a pair of David Delfin's which are amazing in real life. Luckily we're the same shoe size (so she's been weighing in on my shopping decisions, of course, and will be wearing some of my purchases in the future!) so she's going to let me wear these if I want, though I'm not all that good with platforms.
I quite like the mix of leathers, including suede and patent, and the contrast of the cream leather just makes them 'pop'. I can't believe how fast these sold out - practically within a day!
Unfortunately I don't have any better photos, but I'll make sure to try and load some when they first get worn!

Meanwhile, I've been wearing my Décolleté's to work this week and they are fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous at the same time)! They're sexily high, though demure at the same time and because it's been cooling down I've been wearing them with black opaques which highlights the red heel even more.

I'm also on the look out for what to buy next, seeing as free shipping is on too! My sister is trying to convince me that these Pigalle Plato's are worth buying.
Pigalle Plato 120 £370
I have tried these on in-store and they are amazingly comfortable and look quite good on, but I definitely don't need them (I have my simple's after all) and harsh pointy toe shoes aren't completely..'me'? Plus since I've filled my 'classic' shoe wardrobe with my first few purchases, so now I'm on the look out for something a bit more diffierent.


  1. They are gorgeous. I think you are right though, the next purchase should be something a bit more unusual, rather than a classic. I have the day off today so no doubt at some point whilst I'm browsing the Internet in my pjs I'll have a little look and on NAP and dream shoe shop too!

    Where are you thinking for your hol then? And when? I want to book my next holiday to Mexico! X x

  2. Amazing pair! Platforms are in fact a lot easier to walk in, you should definitely wear them too!
    I agree that you should look for something more different for your next purchaces, If you've already bought all the classics you needed.

  3. Oh those platforms are beautiful. Oh, I'm such a big fan of the classic design but you should totally get at least one crazy pair.

  4. I cant believe you got a pair of the Delfins! I have been stalking every Louboutin online stockist trying to get my paws on them, and they are sold out everywhere!

    Jealous x

  5. The Sequined Strawberry - a friend of mine is in the US at the moment and she said she saw them in Bergdorfs. Maybe try your luck calling them and ordering them there! Good luck :)

  6. Good lord - they are perfect :)
    Good choice!

  7. Oh what I'd give for those Loubi Magos!