Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Snapshots: Louboutin

During Christmas last year, my sister and I thought we would try and sort out our shoe wardrobe dilemmas. Namely that we were fast running out of space for our shoeboxes, with my cupboard now double stacked to try and fit them all in. There was a resolution of sorts to stop buying anymore shoes in the new year, which of course was quickly forgotten. So with three new pairs of Louboutins in the last few months because of my competition win, we thought we'd take a few snapshots of our ever growing Louboutin collection.

I personally love how eclectic and colourful the (relatively small) collection is - there are the classics (thanks to NAP Ultimate Shoe Subscription, of course), but there are still the few quirky finds which are near-impossible to find now. I also love the memories and stories that come with each pair of shoes. My sister wore the jewelled pair to a school formal, the cousu pieds were an extravagant double purchase (couldn't decide which colour to buy, so just bought both because they were at more than 50% off sale back when Louboutin wasn't even a well-known name!) and a few other pairs in between.

Three pairs are from my competition win, plus the silver pair are from an uber sale on Outnet

Now we have another pair on the way (keep an eye out for a post soon!), but what am I missing from this collection? I'm thinking my next purchase should be something open toe, maybe some flats? Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. I would love it if you could review my shoes.
    Please do get in contact if you would be interested

  2. You need some great booties! Or get the YSL Agadir espadrilles if there are any left in your size. I ordered them and LOVE them! Another MUST HAVE are YSL Tributes =)

  3. I haven't seen the Agadir's so I'll check them out, thanks! I do have the Tributes on my wish list but they're out of stock in my size :(