Monday, March 28, 2011

#3: Burberry Emblem Gumboots

First post in a while unfortunately, as I've barely had a chance to check my normal internet reads and forums, let alone post about what I've been up to! My theatre show has now ended, I got a career progression at work, I was busy helping with wardrobe for the filming of my friend's TV series pilot and in amongst all of that I received my third NAP Shoe Subscription order - Burberry Emblem Gumboots.

I've always wanted a pair of designer Gumboots - Pucci, Marc Jacobs and Burberry were always going to be my pick - but since the UK is now heading into Summer the choices have been diminishing. There was a fantastic Pucci print pair on sale early this year, but my Shoe Subscription hadn't started yet so I had to see them go unfortunately.

But never fear, I settled on a practical Burberry pair in monochrome black. I had my eyes on this studded pair for a while, but realised I could use that money on another pair of heels since it fortunately doesn't rain in Sydney all that much to require gumboots.
I was originally intending to get a pair in the traditional Burberry plaid, but this black pair will suit nicely into any wardrobe and the emblem just makes them pop that little bit more. The delivery arrived on one of my show nights and by the time I had returned home at around midnight that night, I had family members eagerly waiting to see what was in the giant box! My mum helped be my model this time, so here are some piccies. She's already eyed them off for the next rainy day too!

Of all my orders, this is the first pair I've actually had a chance to wear and they're fabulous. I wore them on a dreary rain-filled day (note: it hardly rains in Sydney so we're not very tolerant of it) and I loved not having to worry about puddles and getting soaked. Now I'm just keeping my eye out for a fabulous Burberry Trench coat to match my boots!

P.S A big hello to the team at NAP who may be visiting this blog! They contacted me randomly to ask if I'd be happy to show photos of my purchases on their facebook page and so I naturally directed them here. Hello, if you are visiting!

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