Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life in Photos: July 2013

Where has this year gone? I'm almost halfway through to my next birthday and its now more than halfway through the year. Insane!

Anyway, a few random snaps from July, with some being the end of my whirlwind holiday before I flew home :(

I love Pinkberry. London and US trips are not complete without being able to have as much Pinkberry as possible. And NO, it isn't just any froyo. No other compares. Though they sadly didn't have one of the toppings I usually get.

I didn't get to Paris this trip (a huge bummer for me, I've been to Paris every other Europe trip because its one of my all time favourite cities in the world). Anyway, if you haven't already noticed from my blog Pierre Herme is one of my all time favourite things in the world. At least I got to get my fix in London (again, another must do when I'm in London or Paris!). You haven't had macarons until you've had Pierre Herme.

Pret A Manger sandwiches never disappoint, right? Mine is the middle one - Falafel and Haloumi. It was warm, gooey and just fabulous for the weather in London at the time.

In case you didn't notice, I love haloumi. I had an amazing haloumi wrap when I was at Glastonbury and I'm craving it I tell ya! I will have to find somewhere at home that compares. This was my quick and easy lunch the other day - haloumi grilled on a really hot pan for all of 1 minute, then tossed over some fresh greens. Love!

I had a week off work and the weather was glorious one day so I went and sat at the beach to read. There was (as usual at that beach) a couple taking wedding photos. So beautiful! And the sun was casting beautiful light over the water.

This is my favourite yoghurt - extra thick vanilla - and I added some freshly cut strawberries because they are no longer uber expensive! Yay! But they don't compare to Spanish strawberries which were so tasty and so cheap!

Oops I apologise, I just realised practically all the photos are food related haha!

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  1. i agree that pinkberry is 'not just any other froyo' and was it the mochi topping you were after? gutted they don't have it over here in london, but that's the topping i ALWAYS get when i'm in the states :)