Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sephora haul

My lovely Australian friend living in the US returned home over the Summer so very graciously agreed to bring home some of my online shopping. Conveniently for me, her trip home coincided with a $15 email voucher from Sephora as well as there being sale items!

I couldn't help myself and stocked up on some stuff I needed, as well as some other random goodies...

You'll see in the pic too that I got some SD cards - they were purchased from Best Buy during their Black Friday sales so for US$30 I managed to get a total of 48GB of SD card storage. I don't think I'll be needing SD cards for a while (and they were purchased in anticipation of my next holiday!).

So a lot of the stuff there were free samples - all those perfume samples, beauty flash balm and the mascara in bubble wrap.

I only got this because I thought I might need it going travelling and it was on sale - it turns out to look pretty dodgy but it could still be pretty useful on the go. From memory it was around US$12?

As someone who doesn't use much make up, I love Sephora's sample size items. This duo of Diorshow mascara + primer was US$20 and considering it will probably dry out before I finish using it, I thought it was worth a try.

Terrible photo, but I love this purchase. For the grand total of like US$8, I got this Sephora liquid liner which I've been using a lot. I have an expensive Dior liquid liner which is painful to use, but this brush applicator is much like the more expensive luxury brands versions but for cheap as chips. It doesn't budge or crease which is great too, though the colour payoff isn't maybe as good as the luxury brands, but you can just rectify that with extra layers. Plus for tightlining as daytime wear (which is what I've been using this for at least twice a week) it works a treat as I don't want to look cleopatra eyed to work.

Plus the mascara base below is from the amazing Lancome Cils range which I already own. But I wanted to try this base primer to see how it compared to the Dior. It was free anyway! So far its been working pretty well, though I don't think its the most amazing product ever.

Who else loves Sephora? Actually I've been meaning to post about the Sephora opening in Australia rumours - maybe I'll post next week (yes I realise this post has been slated for 6 months but I keep on forgetting)!


  1. I was trying to buy from Sephora last week and it was just way too painful, even with Parcel Forwarders :S I gave up...

    1. Have you tried buying through tarazz? it shouldnt' be painful but it sure is expensive!

      I'm lucky to have got my Sephora fix for now, but I'm always tempted to buy more (even though I don't need it!)

  2. Ooh I've been curious about Dior Show!

  3. I buy off KissMakeupNY instead - sells a lot of Sephora brands like Nars