Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where has the year gone?

Am I the only one who cannot believe how fast this year has gone? Did you know its roughly 10 weeks til Christmas? Crazy!

Anyway, on the topic of crazy, that is an appropriate description for my week. I'm going to Melbourne this coming week for work so I've been badly trying to get everything in Sydney done before I go away, plus on Wednesday I went to one of ASOS's launch party events (a post on that will come soon I promise!) and had work events and birthdays on Thursday and Friday.

Because I love my pics and I'm lazy...some pics for your viewing pleasure!
I went for lunch at my favourite quick eat Malaysian place in North Sydney - nowhere (well, very few!) places do this Prawn Noodle dish as well as To's!

This how I spent one afternoon this week - on an island near Drummoyne fishing! The weather somehow held out (it literally poured all morning and cleared in the arvo) and it was so blissful looking over Sydney Harbour with a glass of champagne in hand just chatting with friends.

This is a terrible photo but on Friday night I was at The Star and who was performing randomly at the bar but Jessica Mauboy! So random! But there was no mistaking that powerful voice.

And because I was uber lazy today and woke up at 11.30am (very unusual for me but I'd had a really big week and haven't had a sleep in like that for literally months!) I went for a yummy late brunch at my  normal haunt bills but this time at Woollahra. I alternate between going to Woollahra and Darlinghurst depending on what I need to get done during the day but after the shocking service last time I went to Darlo I'll definitely just keep going to Woollahra. I went to school in the area many moons ago so I love going there and just wandering!


  1. I love going to Bills but I didn't know that there was one opened at Woollahra!

    Is it much different to the one at Surry Hills/Darlinghurst?

    1. The Woollahra one is awesome because its in Queens Court and there's a lovely outdoor dining area. Perfect for the warmer weather! It's exactly the same as Darlo/Surry Hills menu wise but with more seating.

      Actually my order of bills used to be Darlo, Woollahra then Surry Hills (SH is the worst for waiting time and service I've found!) but now I've put Woollahra back on top. That said, Surry Hills is the only one which opens for dinner :)