Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Grounds Alexandria

I have been trying to go to The Grounds at Alexandria for ages, but everytime I go the wait time is ridiculous (I am not waiting 45 mins+ for normal breakfast fare!). Anyway, I've now been let into the secret which is to order take away and perch yourselves at the outside tables (tip for next time, right!).

Last Saturday however I managed to get myself out of bed early and met up with a friend who lives around the corner for a quick brunch/breakfast meal. I have to admit, the vibe there is really awesome with the grounds just so family friendly and almost unexpected in the concrete jungle landscape of Alexandria.

They're setting up a new bar and pizza area which will be fabulous when the weather warms up and people can chill out on a lazy Saturday/Sunday arvo for drinks and sunlight.

I ordered the croque monsieur which was really well done - and mesclun salad on the side was a welcome addition.

I don't remember what this is but that's my friends Turkish inspired toastie breakfast item. Looks amazing too!

So my verdict? The bandwagon aspect is definitely very annoying but the food is really good quality and well done. The ambience is fun and casual and they didn't push us out quickly despite having queues of people waiting. I wouldn't say the place is mindblowingly unique or the best brunch ever but definitely worth a try (especially with the take away trick)!

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  1. This has been in my 'to-visit' list for aaaages but I also can't hack the crowds. I might go once the hype dies down :)