Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ASOS 'In Your World'

I've been slack with posting this because I lost the charger to one of my cameras (I have no idea where it went and can't for the life of me remember the last time I had it!) but you might remember a few weeks ago I mentioned going to one of the ASOS 'In your world' launch party events in Sydney. I went to one of the parade events at Opera Point Marquee, which I have actually been to before. I love it there because of the view, ambience and glamour of being in a marquee overlooking our beautiful harbour.

I actually have never been a fan of ASOS' clothes but this was a fun, free event so I thought why not!

Excuse the very photo heavy post ahead =)

They had this wall where you could scan the pics of clothing using your smart phone and the special ASOS app to purchase it straight away.

These wristbands were personally ID'd so that they could take photos of you then scan your wristband and the photos would tag you on fb automatically. It was definitely a very technologically savvy event!

And here are some photos of the clothes on parade:

 I like the poised sparkly fun aspect of both the dresses below (though I would never personally buy them!)

 The final walk...

All up I think the clothes looked better in real life than I expected - the fabrics were better than I expected and better than I had seen of other ASOS items I've seen friends wear. The fashion parade and event in itself was short and snappy with three runs of it happening over the night and bits and pieces of finger food and drinks on offer.

All in all a fun night out and the goodie bag wasn't half bad either!

This pic is a bit terrible 'cos its on my old camera....the sunglasses are going to come in handy in Bali when I'm sitting by the pool all day!


  1. Seeing these pictures makes me jealous :(

    I was meant to go to this but got there too late (too busy eating a delicious dinner at Cafe Sydney!) and she wouldn't let us in :(

    Looks like you had lots of fun though!

    1. To be honest you didn't miss much really! It was over in 20 mins! And Cafe Sydney sounds like a better way to spend the night :)

  2. Oh you got an invite? How exciting.. :)

    1. I like to think I'm special, but actually it wasn't hard to get at all! you just had to register online :)