Saturday, October 6, 2012

Here and there

For my Sydney readers, how amazing was the weather this week? Thursday night was soo beautiful and warm though unfortunately I spent it at home. Wednesday and Friday nights were my two outing nights and it was a pity the weather didn't quite hold out but it was still nice to feel the warmth for a bit!

I started my weekend early this week finishing up the working week by going for drinks from about 4pm. We sat out in the sun drinking cocktails which was awesome! Wish I took some photos but for now here are some random photos from the last week or so.

 I went to the newish Sydney Nitro ice cream place, N2, this week with some friends after some quick Thai food. We tried the Mango and Caramel something or other  ice cream with the mango being a clear winner. It wasn't amazing, but it tasted exactly like eating the fruit itself so that's always a win in my books! I'm not sure that I'll be back anytime soon or regularly but its always a great option! Look at the colourful KitchenAids in the piccie above!
Mmm Mango!
Liquid nitrogen spilling over everywhere
With it being the start of October (already, I know!), we can welcome Sydney's Crave food festival. In recent years its been a bit lacklustre but Sugar Hit is always what I try to go to because I love dessert and its easy to fit in a dessert anyday after 9pm when you're having a random girly dinner or night out.

Hilton's Glass Brasserie never disappoints so we thought we would try that out after some Jap food earlier. It was an iranian fig and chocolate dessert which was of course beautifully presented and equally tasty. Of course its not as spectacular as some of their main menu desserts (if you're ever there, the Bombe Alaska is pretty good!) but the Brown Brothers moscato that came with it was amazing! I love anything Brown Brothers that is sweet and this went down smoothly and was just what I needed for a bit of a mid week pick me up!
Sugar Hit at Hilton's Glass brasserie
 And for a random one - I was meant to be getting complimentary tickets to go to Iconic Race day on the long weekend last week but my tickets didn't arrive in the mail in time :( Actually, they were express mailed to me and did arrive in time but the mailing system at my work didn't get them to me in time so they were sitting there waiting for me when I returned from the long weekend! Sadface. I love the races too, so it was a bit disappointing!

And finally this week I had an impetuous moment and decided to cut my hair short. Everyone at work tells me they like it so I'm hoping they aren't just saying it, but here's one of the pic I brought to my hairdresser as inspiration:
I love me a Minogue bob - not as harsh as a Pob but still cute for Summer I think!


  1. I LOVE Brown Brothers Moscato! Was that nitro ice cream place at the back of Darling Harbour near Chinatown? I think I walk past that place all the time

    1. Yep that's it! I thought it was a bit of an odd place to put it but I have heard they've been really busy.

    2. It looks really cool, been meaning to try it out except they seem to be closed every time I walk past.

  2. ohh how annoying that the race pass didnt get to you in time!!