Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend out and about!

A few random pics from my weekend/week:

The weather on Friday was AH-MAZING in Sydney, and so as I headed to dinner I walked along George St and these vintage buses from the Sydney Bus Museum were shuttling people around as part of Art and About which kicked off on Friday.

Aren't they so cool?

Then I was at the Rocks and there was an outdoor pop-up dinner type thing. It's not quite October so I don't think its part of Crave but I was just thinking to myself what perfect weather for an outdoor dinner. Beautiful!

And this one is a bit random, but during the week I visited one of my clients for work and they decided they would feed us (only 4 of us) some pastry treats! This was after some were already consumed actually so no we didn't finish them. Trying to be good, you see :) Yum I love me a good pastry!

Actually this is from the weekend before, but I did a spot of shopping (will post about my buys when I get round to it!) and stopped by at Danks Street Depot to refuel.

I ordered the pulled pork + corn toasted sandwich. It was tasty, if a bit dry, but not amazing. It definitely needed some relish or a light sauce to counteract the dryness.

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