Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Travel Tip Tuesday: Flightfox

When I was in the US, my friend based in San Fran took me to an Australian startup event. There, a whole heap of budding Aussie entrepreneurs were pitching about their new big idea and one of those was Flightfox.

Flightfox is a new crowdsourcing type website which helps individuals find the cheapest and best deals on Airfares. How does it work? You write in with the details of your preferred travel dates, any specifications in terms of airline preferences as well as any flexibility and of course your destinations. To do this, you pay a small fee. People then go searching for the best deals for you and if they suggest you the best deal, they get a small 'finders' fee.

Many of the people are travel experts, people who are expert flyers or just people who know the ins and outs and secrets. People have found amazing business class round the world fares for the same as a normal round the world fare and others have just managed to get amazing savings on simple return flights.

Examples are people getting round the world fares for $3k for business class!

Now, if you're anything like me and really picky about flight times, stopover locations, airlines and the like, then it may be a bit harder to get such cheap as chips deals but if you're not fussy and just want the cheapest fare then check it out!

Flightfox was by far the best idea I saw of all the 10 or so startups I learned about that day and I think it will really take off in the next few months!

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