Sunday, September 23, 2012

iPhone 5!

I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 last week and it arrived promptly on Friday morning, the first day of release yay!

I have to say, I don't think the new features are hugely different to the old one (I currently have a iPhone 4) and the increased length wasn't something I was so keen on, but my old phone is getting old and my contract needs renewing anyway so figured I might as well get one!

I take photos of everything so here's some first looks:
The box...same as always really.

And iPhone 4 v iPhone 5 - not a huge difference in size but definitely a little thinner. Look how scuffed up my old case is, but I love it. I picked one awesome case and used it for the entire 2 years I had my 4. Now I'm on the lookout for cases for the 5, but no one is stocking any yet or they're only allowing preorder and most of them aren't to my liking. I want thin, light weight, brightly coloured without being tacky as well as made from a great material. If anyone sees any meeting my very specific requirements, please let me know!

And these are the new much anticipated headphones - the storage container is pretty neat hey?

I'm going through the laborious backup process at the moment - see I'm downsizing from a 32GB to a 16GB and so this is taking longer than it already takes with all my apps and downloads!

Have you got the new iphone, and how do you like it?


  1. Ooh I am so glad you posted this! I was wondering how the new 5 looked! It is definitely slimmer and longer! Are any of the apps or anything different? I have heard there is much difference but something new is always nice! :)
    Enjoy xo

    1. Yep its longer and doesn't look as wide but I think it might just be the illusion of the extra length. Its definitely a little thinner too. So far haven't noticed anything hugely different apps wise - there is more integration functionality with fb and twitter and the maps app is different but other than that nothing much else!

  2. I like how you did the side by side comparison photo!
    It seems kinda disappointing that theres nothing amazingly different with the iphone 5... my contract is due for renewal in november and I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade my iphone 4!! ahh decisions..

    1. If you're going to keep your plan anyway, you might as well get a new one! My iphone was getting slow, so if yours is the same I think it is worth the upgrade :)