Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uniqlo coming to Australia!

The last 12 months has brought the announcement of a tonne of overseas retailers announcing their arrival to Australia which has been a great coup to the Australian consumers.

Well, to add to the list is today's announcement that Japanese superstore Uniqlo is slated to open in Australia in August 2014.

The huge boom of Australians purchasing online has definitely caught the attention of overseas retailers because I feel like every month I'm hearing about new arrivals (Topshop soon, H&M in the future, and rumours of Sephora - I'm planning a post about that soon!). It definitely makes sense, and is definitely starting to put Sydney on the map, so who's going to say no to that?

Uniqlo sells some really awesome stuff for uber cheap which given the quality is great, though personally I don't buy a huge amount from there when overseas. But nevertheless, excited to see what they will be doing! I think the announcement this early for an estimated opening almost 2 years away is a bit rich, but many are cheering already!

Meanwhile, I'm a little late on this story, but one store I'm insanely excited about is homewares giant Williams Sonoma opening in Sydney (in Bondi too!) by the end of the year!!! I cannot contain my excitement because I used to regularly visit WS when I was in the US because I loved their offerrings so much. Plus it's not just them, it's their associated brands Pottery Barn and Elm Street also!

Photo I took at WS - one of my favourite aisles!
Great wins for Sydneysiders!


  1. what is uniqlo? ive seen people posting about it, but what kinda things do they sell? what would the australian equivalent be? lol

    1. I don't think we really have an exact Australian equivalent. They're known for their basics - good quality and very reasonably priced denims, tees, jumpers etc so in terms of stock type I would compare maybe ro a Jeans West/Cotton on type casual attire. The quality is much better though! But then they also have work wear, nightwear, and all sorts of things. Really has to be seen to be understood :)

      Take a look at their website!

  2. I discovered Uniqlo in NYC last year and I fell in love. After 7 years of looking for the perfect tailored work pant I found them at Uniqlo!

    1. Ah yes their special work collection is quite nice and the fabrics they use pretty good too!