Friday, September 16, 2011


I tend to be pretty traditionalist when it comes to jewellery - I have my key pieces which I wear religiously and on the odd special occasion I'll whip out some fancy interesting stuff. But what many people forget about me is that I don't have my ears pierced!

To be honest, I've never really felt like I was missing out on much because I wear every other type of jewellery possible. Rings are my 'thing' and so I figured having my ears pierced would just give me an extra thing to buy so really I'm saving myself money!

That hasn't stopped my sister and I from buying the odd, amazing pair of earrings when we see them "just in case". Granted, all of these have been super on sale and so under $50 so seemed worth it, right?

Anyway I've been doing a lot of NAP browsing lately because I really want to buy a few key things - a new bag and a new coat (more on that in another post to come soon!) and was really pleasantly surprised to see all these clip-on earrings making their debut on the site.

So in honour of all those without their ears pierced, here are some of the awesome (and well priced!) ones.

Miu Miu (£84) and Oscar de la Renta (£267)

Etro (£333) and Oscar de la Renta (£300)

Oscar de la Renta (£121) and Aurelie Bidermann (£171)

I particularly love the Oscars for being elegant but glamorous and they don't even look like clip ons. The only time I think I would like my ears pierced is for special occasions when I see all the other girls with dazzling long drop earrings and these Oscars are exactly that!

And there are so many more on the website too! Check them out for yourself :)

In the meantime, I just added a heap of items to my wishlist while I think of what I need/want/must-have!

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