Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celebrity Spotting: Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi has always been my favourite Royal and I know I've said it here before but she's absolutely stunning, poised and seemingly down-to-earth. Of course the fact she's part of the Monaco Royal Family and her grandmother is Grace Kelly made me love her even more!

I remember years before I went to Monaco on my Europe trip last year, I thought, it must be amazing growing up in Monaco. When I arrived there, it didn't disappoint. The beautiful shops, the sailing, the weather and the whole 'aura' of the place was fantastic.

Anyway I know I'm a little late to post about this but I looooved her Vogue Paris cover and photoshoot by none other than Mario Testino.

Don't you think she has a sense of elegant beauty about her which is timeless yet different at the same time?

But besides the high fashion, I think the candid everyday shots of Charlotte without the glamour and make up show how down to earth and everyday her life is. These are some of my faves...
 I remember seeing this photo around years ago when she was quite young....

How cute is her puppy? I used to have a dachshund too!!
And for good measure, another more recent one from the Dolce Vita premiere - she's dressed in Gucci. Stunning right?

Now if only we all could be Princesses!

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  1. Charlotte is one of my fave royals too (along with Kate and Mary). so stunning and poised - she definitely has that timelessness about her that her grandmother had.