Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life in Photos: September

It's been a busy weekend so I'm exhausted. Last night was a Hen's night for my uni friend who is getting married next week - cannot wait! It was practically a whole day affair, plus I'd been up since 7am after we visited the Kirribilli Markets in the morning (more on that in a post to come soon!). Needless to say, I was a bit of a party pooper and bailed just after midnight, but it was heaps of fun catching up with the girls.

Thankfully, the weather has switched back to lovely rainy and cold Winter weather today which suits me perfectly since all I want to do is sleep and stay indoors with tv shows and magazines while I recuperate from the partying.

I haven't had a chance to look through photos from last night, but here are some other recent photos...

David Jones Flower Show
I just so happened to be doing a quick after work shop at David Jones when they were launching their Floriade like exhibition. I have never seen the place so beautiful. Every corner you turned had beautiful floral arrangements and exquisite vases, plus because it was the launch night there was a string ensemble and you could tell all the workers were on their best behaviour.

A few friends decided to catch up over a meal so whipped up a quick noodle dish on a lazy Sunday night. Well I didn't do much of the cooking (give me baking duties anyday over main course meals!) but we ended up with this huge bowl of Pad Thai esque noodles. Nonetheless they were tasty!

I'm a little too excited about this one...I was getting tired of slouching over a laptop everyday for hours on end so I connected my Macbook to my 22inch monitor which was feeling unloved since I reverted to using my laptop. Yay! So excited to be back to the big screen life.

Mamak Roti Tissue
Mmmm love going to Mamak and a few weeks ago I couldn't help but add dessert to the meal. There's nothing like a sugary crispy roti shaped into an impressive cone to finish off a meal! And yes, that's a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream accompanying it.

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