Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NAP-ing: March

There is a ritual I partake in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail: I check for new arrivals.

I look forward to it with much excitement, always wondering what new items might be uploaded each week. Particularly with the new season arrivals occurring in hoardes at the moment, there's just so much eye-candy to look at.

So of course I've been doing my normal NAP-ing trying to see what I might like to buy in my next order. These are a few things on my wishlist at the moment:

Miu Miu Matelass√© clutch  £167

Unfortunately this one is sold out (having done-so once before already!), probably because the price is just too good to resist. I'm a bit bummed I missed out on this, but at the same time, it's just a black clutch (of which I have many) and I'm hoping something even more exciting will turn up. Realistically, whenever I need to use a black clutch I would probably just turn to a beautiful vintage Dior clutch (with gold chain) that is my mum's from the 80s instead!

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Resin Ring £102

This is just because it's (relatively) cheap, and it's a stunning accessory to have for those moments you need that ornate gold cocktail ring (or perhaps trying to chanel Rachel Zoe?). My day-to-day jewellery is silver (silver banded watch, silver rings) so that's why I'm a bit reluctant to buy this, but it stays firmly on my wish-list in case I suddenly decide I must have this.

Smythson Leather Passport Holder £64
I absolutely adore British leather goods brand Smythson. It screams of classic luxury and if I had all the money in the world I would deck myself out with all the Smythson accessories - Agenda, Business card holder, purse. You name it, I would buy it.

Anyway, this passport holder is just too cute (and in real life the leather is sturdy but plush). It took a lot of self-control to not buy this when I saw them on sale at Harrods in London. Perhaps I have an abnormal love for small leather goods from my many years working at one of Australia's most well-known luxury leather goods company, so please tell me if this is a totally OTT stupid purchase!

Carven Asymmetric Silk-Taffeta Dress £430
I love how this dress is a classic LBD with a twist. It reminds me of the candy pink (not unlike the Smythson Passport holder colour above) Chanel Haute Couture dress worn by Cameron Diaz at an Awards season night a few years back. It was featured on Rachel Zoe, because she blasphemously dared to ask Karl Lagerfield to alter his HC design to make it more "wearable" for the red-carpet. It looked absolutely stunning on Cameron and had the same asmmetric quirkiness as this Carven dress has. Admittedly, being vertically challenged, this dress probably wouldn't look great on me, but I love it all the same!

So any thoughts - are there any other things on NAP which I have missed? Or should really be looking at instead of some of these lust have (not must have) purchases?

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