Sunday, March 20, 2011

Secret Life of a Call Girl - Fashion

I've been extremely busy lately - between being not too well and being involved with a theatre show - however last Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon/evening watching the British TV series Secret Life of a Call Girl, as based on the books about Belle Du Jour's antics as a London callgirl. It's a fun, flirty and quite compelling show starring Billie Piper, who some might remember from the late 90s as the pop star who sang "Honey to the Bee" (yes, I remember the video clip and everything!). I have to say, Billie Piper's acting is really quite fabulous in the show, which takes on a British kind of approach to the Sex and the City type series.

But besides the storyline, characters and gritty British landscape, I'm really loving the fashion! The Brits sometimes get flak for their fashion sense but because Billie's character Hannah/Belle is a high-class escort, her wardrobe matches that and it makes the show even more exciting to watch. There are aspects of British fashion which don't always suit my style, but I love Kate Moss and her very British style (think casual, laid back but stylised at the same time) and I think Hannah/Belle wears a good mix of streetwear and high fashion. I also love their patriotic dedication to home-grown labels which makes the show feel even more authentic.
Toting a Mulberry Bayswater, of course!
As always, there are outfits which I would feel ridiculous wearing in real life, but I love watching it for inspiration anyway. There's an episode where she wears a fantastic ball gown (that she ends up messying up with a bit of a food fight), and another episode where she wears these fantastic feathered cuffs.
The main cast of the show
The very last episode ever was just screened in the UK recently, but if anyone wants a different show to watch (besides the normal suggestions of Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Glee etc), this is definitely a bit of fun! It's not everyone's cup of tea, but watch it for the fashion and a behind-the-scenes look at her escort exploits.

P.S I just ordered another pair of shoes from NAP, to take advantage of their Free Shipping ending today. Coincidentally, my shoe choice was quintessentially British - both brand and shoe style! Anyone care to guess? Keep an eye out for photos as soon as they arrive :)

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