Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Holiday Daydreaming

I've got an important exam coming up in June but after that I'm hoping to take a much-needed break and go away somewhere exciting in the Northern Hemisphere, given that it will be their Summer. May/June last year I enjoyed a fantastic whirlwind trip to Europe where I made sure I shopped and ate until I could not take it anymore! After that, I vowed that May was the best time to go to Europe and to be away in general in the Northern Hemisphere, and so I'm thinking, where to next?

I was originally thinking the US - it's been years since my last trip and while last time I was there for 7 weeks and visited at least 30 States, there are still a few places I want to go even if just to eat, shop, take in the atmosphere. New York is of course at the top of that list, but I also want to make a trip to Hawaii, since I didn't make it there last time.

What's the problem with all this? The airfares after my exam are upwards of $2000 to the US. I paid $1990 to fly to London on an A380 last year! I figured for $2000, I might as well make a trip to Paris and just spend 2 weeks there (I cannot describe how much I adore Paris). So at the moment I'm still daydreaming of all the exciting locations I could holiday to. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I'll continue to daydream. Of the sights, sounds, food, experiences and the shopping of holiday destinations around the world. Yes, I take shopping seriously, and if this blog wasn't proof enough, here's a snap of my sister and I's Europe shopping haul...

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