Monday, November 28, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier + Lady Gaga

When I was in school studying fashion as one of my elective subjects, I was always drawn to Jean Paul Gaultier as a designer. For years I would always exclaim he was my favourite fashion designer and I probably still stick to this if I am really to think about it from the design perspective. Of course my own personal style is different and I have lots of other favourite designers now to add to the list.

Anyway, I was home sick form work the other day and it's the one time I get to switch on the TV and channel surf to see what's on. I came across an hour-long documentary style interview of Lady Gaga by none other than Mr Gaultier himself!

It was fabulous, you all must watch it if you get the chance. I loved the specially built 'set' with it's stark white walls which served as a perfect backdrop for Lady Gaga's dramatic outfit. I really admire Lady Gaga as an artist and the boundaries she pushes: for several months there were 5 tracks from her album which I would play on repeat. Combining these two fabulous stars in one documentary was awesome!

Here's a preview from youtube:

And I took some pics with my phone too! :)

Who are your favourite fashion designers?

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