Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning + Ikea!

Seeing as it's almost Summer, I thought it was about time I got onto my long overdue spring cleaning chores. But of course I couldn't do any of that without first making a trip to the new IKEA at Tempe!

I love Ikea (I mean, who doesn't), but it used to be a headache to go to on weekends with minimal parking and just general overcrowding. The new store is apparently the largest in Southern Hemisphere and it definitely didn't disappoint.

Look at this elegant 'bridal table' inspired table setting. Cheap doesn't have to mean ugly or crappy!

And here's a random pic I took of this child's toy kitchen set. Isn't it awesome? There weren't such cool varieties available when I was a child! This isn't even the full set - there's an above the head microwave cupboard thing too.

So what did I buy? This awesomely cheap plastic make up organiser was $20! Similar things are at least double the price at other stores, though I may have been able to get something a little better from ebay or similar. But for the price, a girl can't complain right?

I should have taken a 'before' photo, but here's the organiser in use. Pretty good for a 20 minute job on a Sunday afternoon!

The section on the right where the brushes are sticking out actually has a hinge so that can swivel up and down to access my make up palettes underneath.

Has anyone else seen other clever make up storage organisers like this?

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  1. Ahhhhhhhh I love the new IKEA!! I waste so many hours in there...The organiser looks awesome, I need one! Off to Ikea I go... Lol.