Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snail Mail

After hearing about my competition win via email, I contacted the lovely folks at NAP all the way in the UK who were genuinely so nice and friendly. I called them and the first thing they said was "omigosh what time is it over in Australia? It must be so late!", all in a posh-sounding British accent of course (which I love!). Anyway, they took my details and they let me know I should expect something in the mail soon.

Mail? Yes, I had heard right. They meant snail mail (not e-mail) and a few days later I excitedly got my paws on the following parcel.

Little Black Box....what's inside?

Excuse the blacked out bit - I removed the details for privacy

It was a beautiful placquard gift card detailing my fantastic Shoe Subscription! Within a few days I'd also been given details of how I could start spending and today I could start shopping!

Too bad the sale items have already been removed from the site, but I'm being careful to really think hard about what I need/want and not just choose everything at once. As a result, I've started spending a lot of time stalking NAP, which my sister and I now term as 'NAP-ing' i.e. browsing NAP.

Stay tuned for my first 'purchase' which should be coming in the mail soon!

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