Sunday, February 27, 2011

#2: Simple 70 + Decollete 100

I went a bit crazy and ordered my second order in two weeks. I know I haven't even reached the second month of my year-long Ultimate Shoe Subscription and I've already bought so much but everything I've bought so far have been classics I won't regret and have always wanted. Yes, they're all Louboutin, but they're all different and suit different occasions and outfits so it seemed like a worthwhile investment. Plus the lovely guys at NAP have been keeping me updated with new arrivals and they told me they aren't expecting anymore new Simples so I knew I had to get in quick before they sold out (being the most common shoe-size has it's drawbacks!).

Anyway, the double order this time made it uber exciting opening my huge box. Plus, this time it was even in the signature black packaging that is so luxe and practical.

So some might say I've made very boring shoe choices so far. Perhaps that may be the case, but I've always been a very classic non-trend based dresser. I'd always wanted Simples in patent nude, preferably 85 or 100s as they combine the perfect colour with the perfect round toed pump style. Unfortunately they only had 70s so I settled for them and they now sit in my wardrobe as the token 'nude' shoe that is a must have for everyone. My wishful thinking is hoping I'll still someday be able to get the perfect nude 10cm round toed Marc Jacobs pumps I missed out on several years ago at The Corner Shop. But in the meantime, I have these babies:

I also decided to get the Decollete 100s instead of another pair of Simples which I would have got in patent black. The 100s were the height I was after, and the Decolletes are the quintessential Louboutin black pump which are practical enough for everyday but still have that sex-on-legs appeal. Of course they're comfortable enough to do anything in, leaving the Pigalles for car-to-carpet occasions only.

Absolute perfection <3


  1. omgsh, gorgeous ! :) :) Love the nude ones

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog :) Yes, I'm pretty in love with the nude simples also! Aren't they just the perfect colour?