Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#1: Pigalle 120

They arrived! My first Shoe Subscription NAP order arrived!

Being a Louboutin lover, it seemed fitting that the first thing I ordered would be a) a pair of shoes and b) a pair of classic Louboutins. Having first bought a pair of the red-soled beauties way back in 2004 (I'm starting to feel old!), it felt like any Louboutin collection would not be complete without some black patent Pigalles (and of course 120s at that!)

I'm being careful to not jump into spending my money too quickly, after all there's still so many wonderful items I could purchase in the year ahead. But Pigalles are such a classic item that they were a must-have.

They are of course ridiculously vertiginous but that's what makes them so spectacular. They're not at all uncomfortable (in terms of that piercing heel pain) but when wearing them they do feel like you're walking practically perpendicular to the ground. Methinks these are definitely cab to carpet shoes!

Here are some pics of my first delivery:

With signature NAP ribbon

Thanks to my sister for modelling!

Now I'll have to find a reason to wear these babies out.

P.S I'm hoping this blog will serve as a pictorial documentary of all my orders throughout the year :)


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