Friday, August 24, 2012

Millinery Madness

One thing my sister and I like to collect is millinery - exquisite headwear is just so beautiful and absolutely like pieces of art in their design, craftmanship and fashionability! We're always on the look out for amazing pieces at bargain prices and so when I came across these pieces I just had to have them.

Richard Nylon Netting Fascinator
So this is very Richard Nylon esque, being completely theatrical and almost Lady Gaga-esque. It is quite delicately constructed though and has great height and drama. I would have preferred the netting to be slightly more centred on the velvet headband but it's still potentially perfect for a Derby Day carnival meet.

Peter Bentley
So this piece is a little more traditional, but the plastic shard hot pink flower adds a touch of girly fun, especially with the light 'feathers' dramatically popping outwards. This would be cute with an all-white outfit I think!

Fiona Powell winter headpiece
This is definitely more traditional and unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice because it looks absolutely fabulous when worn because of the angle at which all the pieces are draped. This would look great with a Roland Mouret inspired shift dress, don't you think?

And because I couldn't help myself, I had to put pics of my storing them in my NAP boxes! I love re-using them because they're so sturdy.

And do you know what's the best bit? All 3 pieces were reduced from $1200+ to just $150 :)


  1. Such a cute collection for you and your sister =) They are all so beautiful, love the second one!
    - Che

  2. Oh wow that looks amazing!! I love the Peter Bentley hot pink one. OMG love it!!

  3. I'm thinking of buying the same Richard Nylon headpiece online, but I have no idea how it looks on! Would you be able to post some modelling pics so I have an idea of the size and the way it sits? Thank you so much in advance, love your blog! xo G

    1. I'll try and find some time this week to take some pics of it on - I have to admit its a bit satellite looking and so you have to wear it at the right angle to make it look like a stylised retro headpieces as opposed to looking just weird :)

    2. My exact worry is looking a bit ET, but the lace butterfly is simply devine! Regardless, it's an exquisite piece to have as part of your collection. Looking forward to seeing your pics :) G