Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bronte to Bondi

I've lived in Sydney for practically my whole life and it is quite disgraceful that until the weekend I'd never once done the Bronte to Bondi coastal walk! The weather on Saturday was absolutely divine so my mum and I decided to do the walk (she does it regularly) to enjoy the balmy weather and sun.

It was absolutely beautiful! It was so nice to be walking outside and enjoying the warm winter weather - it felt like it was practically Spring! I hope that means the cold weather is almost over but I have a feeling we will get a cold spot in a few weeks time...
View over Icebergs
Anyway, a few quick pics below! It was nice to get some exercise in too - my life has just been all about work lately so I haven't had the chance to do the exercise I've been itching to do. I did go to pilates last week though which was a nice break from the stress of life.


  1. It's a beautiful walk and the weekend just past would have provided fantastic weather to complete the walk in! :)

  2. oh how lovely! i wish the weather was that nice in melbourne!