Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dumpling Crawl!

I love to eat dumplings and a few weeks ago my friends and I went on a dumpling crawl, as inspired by the infamous Sydney blog Not Quite Nigella.

So we had a long list of places to go starting in the City, going through to Ashfield and as a 'maybe' following it up with dinner in Kingsford. So of course we got greedy and overordered, so even though there are 3 places in the same strip of shops in Ashfield, we ended our food fest at the first. We have vowed to go again though, perhaps starting at Ashfield this time?

These are the places we visited and the matching photos:

Din Tai Fung (top left)
This is practically a must, right? I've always loved Din Tai Fung for the quality, great service and just generally top notch food. Besides the obligatory order of xiao long bao, we also ordered some noodles and the beans because we were hungry!

Chef's Gallery (middle)
So this was a bit of a side trip because they don't really do dumplings like the Shanghainese restaurants do. But we ordered the infamous piggy black sesame buns and some cute bunny coconut treats! How cute are they?

New Shanghai (bottom)
So this is the original premises of the now expanded chain of New Shanghais. They just recently renovated and it's looking mighty spiffy. Of course the benefit of going to Ashfield is the cheap as chips prices, giant serving sizes and the authenticity factor. The food of course didn't disappoint and we came out stuffing ourselves full! We ordered xiao long bao, the fried equivalent of soup dumplings, wontons and a few other things in between!

After our whole day, we came out only spending $40 each! And we couldn't help ourselves but stop by Noggi at Strathfield either (you can see the rogue froyo picture in the collage above!). Four of us ended up sharing the giant pyrex glass serving which was awesome!

Since doing it, I've had suggestions from friends of their favourite dumplings places in Sydney. For the sydneysiders out there, where do you swear by?

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  1. YUM! any sort of crawls that involve food are my kinda thing! gone are the days of pub crawls in high school... hahaha