Saturday, April 21, 2012

NYC: Rockefeller Centre

Despite all the times I've been to NYC and the US, I never had the chance previously to properly visit Rockefeller Centre and since this time my visit coincided with the cooler months, what better time was there to ice-skate! It was a beautiful, cool but fresh night and being on the ice didn't feel at all cold which is probably just as it should be.

I hadn't been ice skating in almost a decade and turns out I've really lost my skills! The rink was quite busy as it was the Easter weekend so it took a while to make my way round slowly and carefully but after a short while I think I got the hang of it again. There were some amazingly talented skaters there though - must be lovely to grow up with true Winters and being able to skate on iced over lakes!

After ice skating we decided to head for a nighttime Top Of The Rock visit. Again I'd never had the chance to visit TOTR and at night it is truly magnificent! And now for a tonne of pics for those playing along at home :)

It happened to be full moon as well and I quite like this slightly blurred photo of the amazingly bright sun behind a few streaky clouds.

There's a really cool light room display when you reach the top too. It changes colours with human movement!

Don't you just love the sight of a beautiful city at night? 

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