Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NYC: Jimmy Choo

So I was in NYC just in time for the Jimmy Choo sample sale and picked up some amazing bargains. To be honest I'm not usually a big fan of Choo bags and while he has some amazing shoes I tend to stick to my other favourite brands a little more because of the variety. But anyway, seeing as my NYC trip coincided with the first sale in two years I just had to get myself down there. The first day was friends + family first then opened to the public in the afternoon but with short afternoon opening times and a 100+ person line, we had other things to spend our time doing. The next day there was no line and while the stock was a little picked over we still managed to get our hands on some cute things!

So this iPad case is totally over the top but the candy pink colour is kind of cute and I know this will make a cute gift :)

This is by far my favourite purchase - a pale buttery yellow/orange Eel clutch with gold hardware. I loved it so much I bought another in a slightly limey yellow (see below)!

 I'm in a bit of a rush so didn't get the chance to rotate this image but this is a 'seconds' item so was super cheap! One of the mirrored box clutches from the recent bag collection! You can see the mirroring is slightly flawed but from far away it is hardly noticeable and it is the only 'damage' to the bag which has a perfect non tarnished chain strap.

And onto the shoes! Both pairs are classic 'Choo' styles and while I definitely don't need any more shoes I don't have anything like them (as you may be able to tell I generally tend to buy blacks and closed toe shoes) so they will be a welcome addition to the shoe-drobe.

Who else loves a bargain?

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  1. LOVE the mirrored clutch, even with the flaw you got a marvellous bargain there!