Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mojo Tapas, Bondi Beach

I rarely venture to Bondi Beach because parking is a pain and it's just natural as a Sydneysider to try and avoid the tourist areas. Bondi Beach is lots of fun in great weather, but I somehow found myself taking the trip there on a rainy Saturday night for a Tapas night at Mojo. I'd never heard of it before but it has a really nice, intimate feel and has loads of space which makes it great for big groups.

The prices were fairly decent (considering the dish sizes and the Bondi Beach location) so of course we ordered tonnes. The menu selection was wide and we definitely weren't disappointed with anything we ordered

These are only photos of some of the dishes we ordered too! I wish my photos of the lovely chargrilled octopus and burrito had turned out because they were amongst the tastiest of the dishes. There's always next time, right?

And of course after dinner we couldn't help ourselves but trek over to Pompeiis for some gelato. Yum yum.

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